• Super Coat ®  
  • “Super Coat” is a special self-adhesive plastic material of thickness 0,53 mm (530 my) to be applied onto the printing-plate for off-line spot coating, using water-based acrylic or “UV” varnishes. The perfect semi-transparency of the material used for “Super Coat” is particularly suitable for the manual incisions required in spot coating.
  • Super Coat ®
  • “Super Coat” is available in two versions:
    “Super Coat Plus” (semi-transparent, neutral colour) for top quality printing jobs.
    “Super Coat Eco” (semi-transparent, pink colour) for average quality printing jobs.
    “Super Coat” is available in rolls of the following widths:
    h. 1,10m x 10m - h. 1,35m x 10m
    On request, we can supply “Super Coat Plus” and “Super Coat Eco” in cut pieces.  
  • Master Strip Blanket Plus ®  
  • Compressible blanket designed specifically for both “acrylic” and “uv” spot coating in line.
    “Master Strip Blanket Plus” represents the “Top Quality” in the field of in-line coating.
    “Master Strip Blanket Plus” was specifically designed for use with water-based acrylic and “UV” varnishes.  
  • Master Strip Blanket Plus ®
    1) The smooth soft surface of “Master Strip Blanket Plus” makes it qualitatively superior to any plastic or polymer plate existing on the market.
    2) Quick and easy spot cutting thanks to an easy-peal stripping layer.
    3) Thanks to the considerable depth of the stripping surface (0,8 mm), “Master Strip Blanket Plus” does not need to be washed frequently and therefore downtimes are reduced to a minimum.
    “Master Strip Blanket Plus” is offered in the following versions and thicknesses:
    A PLUS thickness 1,95 mm
    B PLUS+POLYESTER thickness 1,15 mm
    C PLUS+POLYESTER thickness 1,35 mm
    D PLUS+POLYESTER thickness 1,95 mm
    “Master Strip Blanket Plus” can be supplied in any size requested. On specific request it can be supplied in rolls.